Tony Charles Hypnosis

Tony Charles is a hypnotist who performs in front of live audiences throughout South Spain for English-speaking customers. 

The Client

Tony is a live performer on the Costa del Sol in Southern Spain. Having had a successful career in hypnotherapy helping people to tackle anxiety, fears, and bad habits, Tony has ventured into the world of live hypnosis.

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The Goal

The most important goal for this website was to offer a foundation from which to promote and showcase his upcoming and past live shows. In addition, his hypnotherapy services had to be included on the website as a separate part of the business. Tony also wanted to offer some of his therapies through an online shop.




It was decided in cooperation that the website would have three separate sections the shows, the services, and the online store. This website features two different Custom Post Types that can be simply updated and added from the WordPress back end, a WooCommerce website built with Elementor and Crocoblock WooCommerce Builder.

The Shows as the Goal

The Shows as the Goal

The main focus of the website is upcoming and past shows, which also serves his long-term goals. For this reason, the home page only focuses on videos and shows. This provides an easy overview for the customers of what the site is about.


On the shows page, it was decided that upcoming shows should take the attention of visitors with a clear listing item that includes a photo, a short description, a date, a google map, and a button for finding more about the show.


Lower on the shows page matrix of listing items show the past shows videos that visitors can view to find more information about the live shows. shows page website design process

How Custom Post Types can really fire up the Website

Custom Post Types allow for showcasing vital and important information in a completely different and more effective way. However, this won’t affect the overall design of the page, and therefore all of the posts look and feel similar, even though the information is specifically tailored to the individual post.

Individual Show Page

This is a custom Post type where the content is created by the owner of the site in the back end of the WordPress admin area. In this way, the owner of the site can add new shows, edit existing ones and remove any one of them, without the danger of changing the on-page design.

Website design custome post type for individual show page

Custom Post Type with Crocoblock JetEngine

webdesign wordpress backend with custom post type - shows

Custom Post Type with Crocoblock JetEngine

When a custom post type is created using Crocoblock JetEngine in conjunction with Elementor PageBuilder, it can be easily accessed in the WordPress backend editor. In this view, the content creator can navigate simply to the post which requires updating or deleting, or simply they can choose to create a new post.

All of the individual fields that the publisher fills in can be displayed in a multitude of different ways allowing the design to serve a purpose and ultimately a goal which in this case is bookings.

Custom Post Type in action using Crocoblock JetEngine

Custom Post Type with Crocoblock JetEngine

Editing custom post type content created by crocoblock JetEngine and Elementor

Custom Post Type with Crocoblock JetEngine

Custom Post Type editing using Crocoblock and Elementor in WordPress back end

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This website was designed for Tony, who is a hypnotherapist moving into stage performing. The main aim is to drive traffic into the shows without forgetting the therapy part of the business.

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